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I'm an artist and software dev from London, England. I mostly draw cute (and generally short) girls.
I'm friendly enough, and always up for a quick chat!


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Hi, Newgrounds!

I've joined you all here so I have a functional gallery for my artwork, as well as a place that people can actually leave comments and such, should they so desire, on anything I make! Hello hello!

Tumblr banned me in the great purge of '18, and while I have since been unbanned, it left a dirty taste in my mouth, and I have no desire to go back. My main social media presence these days is Twitter, and while I'm working on a custom Tumblr replacement for myself, software development is slow going, so, here I am!

A Bit About Me

So, my handle pretty much everywhere is "Nephrited", but most people call me Nephi! I'm a 20-something artist and developer from London, England, where I've lived most of my life. I like to draw cute girls (who are often short, and almost always a little too busty), my favourite colour is purple, my favourite food is roast parsnips.

I went to uni for computer science, and a masters in information systems, I like to write short stories that I say I'll someday illustrate, and have a major sweet tooth. I've been drawing for well over a decade, but really need to put some more study into it!

I work professionally as a software developer, but my love is for art. Someday I'd like to do it as a full time career!

I used to describe myself as a tomboy when I was younger, but these days I'm way more into pretty frilly dresses than my younger self would approve of, so I suppose I'm pretty average in that respect these days.

I love to play games, most recently Destiny 2, WoW and League of Legends, but I've probably played a bit of everything. I used to be a competitive TF2 player back when I was a teenager! Those were the days...

And finally, if asked about my online persona, I'll always make the same joke: "She's looks just like me, except half the height, fuzzy, and purple. I obviously have the giant fuzzy ears!"

What I Make

I draw mostly (*cough* entirely *cough*) girls looking cute. They're generally kinda short (wish fulfilment, as I'm way too tall), fairly busty (because I am as well, and the best reference is a mirror), have long hair (I love long hair), and err on the cartoony side of things...

...hm, maybe I should branch out.

I also write short stories, and am currently playing with limited animations with Live2D! I also make websites of basically all kinds, but that's not why we're here.

How To Talk To Me

If you wanna hit me up for any reason, I can be caught here, on Twitter @Nephrited, or via my Discord server. I'm friendly, provided you're not too weird.

Looking forward to being here!